Helps you improve your web typograpbhy with some standard text filters.

This project is based on Django's Typogrify, so the best introduction to read would be Jeff Croft's.

I created this gem to easily share these text filters in some tiny Ruby projects, including a TextMate bundle. For production code I recommend checking out the originals first.

General Usage

First, install the Ruby gem:

$ gem install typogruby

Then require the library to get started:

require 'typogruby'
Typogruby.improve('Hello, world!')

Or, you can include the library in a helper or something:

require 'typogruby'
include Typogruby
improve('Hello, world!')

See the full API documentation for more information. You could also use this Textmate Bundle.

From the command line

You can also use typogruby directly from the command line:

typogruby MY_FILE

This will output the contents of your file with all filters applied. Use typogruby -h for more information and options.



See HISTORY.md for the complete changelog.

Note on Patches/Pull Requests


By Arjan van der Gaag (avdgaag @ github) based on the hard work of lots of others. See LICENSE for license details (same as Ruby).

This gem includes contributions by: